Business loan – what you need to know?

  To develop your company and follow the dynamically changing market, we must constantly invest in your business. Popular methods for financing our investments, improving the financial condition of a company or starting a new business are: credit for companies and loans. Types of corporate loans Running any business involves considerable risk. You should plan

Consumer credit: production goes off again in May

” After a virtually stable activity in April (-0.3% compared to April 2016), institutions specializing in consumer credit regain the path of growth in May: production of new loans rose by +6, 2% compared to May 2016 “. This is the main conclusion of the latest results published by the French Association of Financial Companies

What to choose: lower interest rate or lower commission?

Many people looking for a loan choose expensive offers, despite looking for the cheapest solution. This is because people focus mainly on interest rates. However, its height may be misleading. This will especially affect short-term loans. In the case of loans taken for several months, comparing interest rates only does not make sense. In this

Clauses prohibited in loan agreements

Abusive clause Clauses prohibited by law (also called abusive clauses) usually appear in contracts offered to mass customers. A prohibited clause is one that the consumer has no real influence over and which puts the consumer in a legal disadvantage vis-à-vis the entrepreneur and is unfair. Prohibited clauses appear on almost every level of services

What happens when you don’t pay your debt?

The dreaded five-letter word, “debt,” stalks many of us, but it doesn’t have to scare you if you know the consequences of not paying a debt. Be it a credit card debt or loan payments, one thing is for sure: you must make all your payments on time. Repeated breaches of a debt involve a

Real estate credit: how to negotiate IRA?

Early repayment benefits are a standard in the banking sector and clients are forced to do so by their contract. Nevertheless, there are some tips to avoid paying this penalty… We tell you everything! for clarification What is prepayment and related fees? The custom is that when subscribing to a mortgage, a clause imposes